The missing plane wreckage that had gone missing on Wednesday in Nepal has been found. All 23 passengers were reported dead. 

According to reports, the crash of the Twin Otter aircraft of Nepalese carrier Tara Air was due to bad weather.

The plane took off from the resort town of Pokhara, about 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu. It was heading north to Jomson, where most mountain trekkers would begin their journey.
Reports say that only small planes can take this route, as there is a need to go in between

Ananda Prasad Pokharel, minister for civil aviation, said bad weather was the probable cause. “The weather was not so clear,” he said. “Snowfall, rain and thick fog are responsible for the crash.”

Authorities said that they lost contact with the plane shortly after it took off. The flight was supposed
to last 18 minutes. As soon as the plane had gone missing, authorities started searching, but this proved to be difficult due to bad weather. Authorities were soon informed of the crash by
residents of Rupshe village, who heard an explosion nearby.

“It looks like the plane crashed into the hillside. The wreckage was still in flames when the team arrived,” chief district officer Sagar Mani Pathak told reporters.

The bodies in the plane were charred. Reports say that all passengers were Nepali, except for the
two foreigners from China and Kuwait.

This is not the first time that a plane crashed in the area, which CNN describes as “notoriously
windy, cold and mountainous.” In 2012, an Agni Air plane flying the same route crashed due to a technical problem. A total of 15 people were killed, and six survived.