A traveling couple who earn money by blogging have revealed the less attractive side of their adventures.

Australian couple Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford, who have been together for seven years and are engaged, run travel blog Nomadasaurus, documenting their world travels. They have been everywhere–from the mountains of Vietnam to the beautiful Caspian Sea–sharing their journey to the world on their website.

Last month, they shared with the world the not-so-happy side of the seemingly perfect travel photos. In a blog post, Jarryd wrote about what went on behind the scenes.

He wrote that it took them about 690 days to get to Europe. They were together through it all, supporting each other, watching each other’s backs. “I can’t imagine having done this journey without Alesha next to me, and I’m sure she feels the same. Two years constantly by each other’s side. Every step of the way,” he said.

Then, things started turning sour when they were in China.

“But at some point in China, we started bickering with each other. Even though we have sung China’s praises on this blog and social media, and saw some of the most incredible landscapes imaginable, the truth is we struggled there. China turned us into bad people,” he said.

Despite these, they continued with their travels, working with tour companies, writing, taking photos, etc. When they got to Mongolia, Jarryd said that they fought a lot, snapping at each other over unimportant things, and getting angry at each other more often. “I neglected Alesha’s feelings and she would attack me for neglecting her. I continued to neglect her because I couldn’t stand being attacked. It was a vicious cycle,” he said.

When things did not get better, they finally decided that they should temporarily go on their separate ways for a while, to give themselves a break from each other–Alessa flew home to Australia, while Jarryd stayed in Europe.

This couple story shows that while traveling is beautiful and rewarding, it could turn very stressful and both emotionally and physically exhausting. “Being away from friends and family for a long time is tough. Even though we have each other, we can still feel trapped and alone,” he said.

“After almost a year of putting strain on our relationship, we are finally fixing it,” he wrote.

Jarryd promises that they will be back, after meeting each other again on January 20, and that he is looking forward to more adventures together. Meantime, they will do the things that they did not get to do while they were on the road, while fixing a relationship that was partly stained by it.