The Czech Republic has revealed a new, more concise name for the country. 

From now on, you can also call the country Czechia.

“Our hope is that this step will overcome the problems we face with distorting the name and that the correct terms will dissolve into general knowledge,” said a statement released by the country’s foreign ministry press department.

There are a number of reasons for the confusion. The country used to be a part of Czechoslovakia, until it split (from what is now Slovakia) in 1993. According to CNN, a number of people also mistake it for the small Russian Federation republic Chechnya.

According to The Guardian, the name Czechia has been agreed on by the president. prime minister, heads of parliament, and foreign and defence ministers.

“It is not good if a country does not have clearly defined symbols or if it even does not clearly say what its name is,” said Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek.

A formal/official name change–amending its shorter name from Czech to Czechia–is yet to be arranged in the United Nations’ database of country names.