The ashram retreat where The Beatles once meditated in India has reopened.

The Chaurasi Kutia ashram (a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Hinduism) of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is where John, Paul, George, and Ringo stayed in 1968, at the northern state of Uttarakhand.

This is the place where the Fab Four wrote songs over 40 songs for The White Album and Abbey Road. They studied Transcendental Meditation under  Maharishi, who the band later paid homage to in their song “Sexy Sadie.”

A report by CNN said that the place, located inside the Rajaji National Park, has reopened. Prior to this announcement, it had been closed for more than three decades.

Despite being closed, the ashram still got a lot of visitors–mostly Beatles fans who had created some kind of a shrine. Some sneaked into the property, and others made art on the walls.

“We have cleared the floors and walls of all creepers and have removed cobwebs and garbage from the meditation cells and halls,” said Rajendra Nautiyal, ranger of the Rajaji National Park’s Gauri Range.

Nautiyal said that people will not be allowed to write or draw on the walls anymore, but if they want to get permission to paint, they may do so.

“We plan to build a big meditation and yoga center” there, said Dinesh Agarwal, forest minister of Uttarakhand. “Sure, the Beatles are a big name and will attract tourists to the ashram. But we want people from all across the world to learn about the power of nature, meditation and yoga.”

The entrance fee is us 150 rupees (about $2.50) for Indian nationals, and 600 rupees (about $9).