Thailand is currently facing threats of possible attacks by ISIS, after news broke out that ten of its members have entered the kingdom.

Thai police reportedly received a warning from the Russian state security agency saying that 10 Syrians who are possibly linked to the group could stage attacks in the country.

The leaked report was confirmed by Thailand’s police deputy spokesman Col. Songpol Wattanachai. The information, however, has not yet been verified.

The memo, which is dated November 17, was marked “urgent” and “confidential.” According to Russia’s Federal Security Service, 10 Syrians slipped into the kingdom in the second half of October.

The group reportedly split up after arriving in Thailand: four went to Pattaya, two went to Phuket, two stayed in Bangkok, and two went to an unknown destination. All of them remain at large.

“We’re still trying to work out whether they even came in,”¬†said¬†Wattanachai.

There are many Russian travelers to Thailand at this time of year. According to ABC News, Pattaya and Phuket are popular with Russian tourists.

“The objectives of these people are to cause harm to Russia’s assets or those of its allies in Thailand,” the memo read.

Russian officials are asking Thai security to have a better security around “‘targeted areas that Russian authorities are concerned about, including venues associated with allies that have joined attacks on ISIS in Syria such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and Australia.