Google Street View has recently made Minatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway, available on Google Street View.

The Minatur Wunderland (German for “miniature wonderland”) in Hamburg, Germany is visited by over a million people every year, and now everyone would be able to see it wherever they are in the world.

Located in the historic Speicherstadt, this model railway exhibit was built by twins Gerrit and Frederik Braun in 2001. It has nearly 1,000 trains that are made up of over 14,000 carriages, 335,000 lights, 228,000 trees, and 215,000 human figurines.

The Google Street view will make online visitors explore the staggeringly detailed interactive map as it moves around model countries like Switzerland, Germany, and the United States.

Touring the marvels of Wunderland, you must first begin in its oldest section: Knuffingen, a fictional town situated squarely between the Alps and Harz,” said Google in a blog post. Become one of this tiny city’s 10,000 inhabitants: Stop by the city’s rustic farmer’s market, witness the local fire department spring into action when a building catches fire and even see a plane lift off from Knuffingen’s airport.”

Teaming up with German map company Ubilabs, Google mini cameras to fit in the exhibit. The 3D cameras, according to reports, were attached to the mini vehicles that go around the roads–just like a traditional mapping project.

“…To capture the nooks and crannies in Miniatur Wunderland, we worked with our partner at Ubilabs to build an entirely new—and much smaller—device. Tiny cameras were mounted on tiny vehicles that were able to drive the roads and over the train tracks, weaving through the Wunderland’s little worlds to capture their hidden treasures,” said Google.

Start your tour in Minatur Wunderland on Google Street View here.